We are a company that provides interaction and communication

between professionals and our customers to offer knowledge, best practices and solutions. We do this in the field of Business Consultancy and Information Communication Technologies.

We offer knowledge and skills for technical and organizational solutions.


Human Engagement functions as a mediation, network and consultancy organization. We work together with a specialized group of independent and experienced professionals and partner companies with specific knowledge and skills. This can be done on a temporary, time & material or project basis, depending on the demand and/or objective(s) of the client.


Human Engagement performs an informative, coordinating and mediating role between the professionals and the client. The main objective is to ensure that all parties can make a conscious and balanced choice. The final choice is to cooperate on the basis of specific characteristics: knowledge, experience, availability and budget. All these features require explanation, reconciliation, negotiation and, ultimately, agreement.


Human Engagement provides full guidance in this process.