In consultation and coordination with our customers (technological) choices are made on the basis of industrial & market standards, experience and common sense. The solutions that Human Engagement delivers are focused on the principles of aligning IT to business more effectively. There are several strategic planning, management control and supplementary principles and practices, which when deployed well, will improve the business and IT alignment environment.


The strategic, annual and project plans of an organization must be linked to corresponding business plans for effective alignment. To ensure that the IT organization is focusing on the appropriate investments, and providing the level of service necessary in support of business operations and transformation, each significant IT objective must be linked to a specific business objective with a business owner, who is accountable for evaluating the performance towards that objective.



The Professionals Human Engagement operates with are all specialists in their field, in conjunction with the associated methodologies and techniques. These methods and techniques are based on international standards such as Prince2, Scrum, JAVA, ITIL, etc. To make the right choices and operational approach a number of factors are important such as: what technological standards are available and who is the owner of the product and who provides control and continuity?